Thomas Klotz is a French photographer whose first book Northscape is published by Eyd editions in 2019 LOCI collection. It was when the photographer whose dying father returned to the north of France multiplied that he began the project, as an emergency to remain active. Northscape is the photographer's pictorialist pilgrimage to his native region.  Anobserver of detail, Klotz strives to capture the plastic aspect of the most ordinary places or objects and to reveal their fantastic beauty. . A bleeding wall, a corner of a blind that flies away or bushes marked by identical imprints are so many simple elements which, through the frontality of the frame and the liveliness of the colors, become unreal and phantasmagorical. Everything is a sign of a human floating caged in over-urbanity. We track down the residues, the rubbish, the walls left to chance by Dadaist upsurges.




Bio :

Thomas Klotz lives and works in Paris.Fascinated by American colorists, he stood out with a first book 

Northscape published by Eyd in 2019, an urgent and pictorialist pilgrimage in north of France, while his father was dying. His second book, Eve, la montage et la jeune fille,  is a tale about fragility and anxieties of a young girl.

In this whole story of photographs with lines, spaces, angles - her daughter, the daughter of the author of the photographs, who is there, looking like she is waiting. It seems simple, but it speaks of presence in the places, therefore a poetry of expectation [...] Waiting for photos to be taken, without asking what they are for, but just to be there, communicating between the photographer and the photographee, like an exchange of mute words, as the photograph makes it possible to speak in silence, just through looks, because it is always about that, the look.

Exhibitions and Festivals :


Justice, Galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière, Paris 


Esprit Urbain, Galerie Esther Woerdehoff, Paris

I’ll never be young again, Galerie Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris


Fisheye Gallery, Arles


Northscape, Galerie Eva Meyer, Paris