DustanTV is the random transcript via youtube code of   three television interviews with visionary writer   and cult.
Without correction or punctuation and following, the words of Guillaume Dustan mixed with the other guests and presenters; still remain as singular by their topicality and their strength 20 years after having held them. 

This work is produced by Johann Bouché-Pillon artist who applies himself under various supports to testify to contemporary mores.

Look at his face under the wig, it looks like a portrait of El Greco. He's not smiling, he's not here for that. It's not just a joke story of course. Just read what he writes. It is even recommended. Or listen to what he says on TV. Or read it in this book. Because it's always the same thing. Even at Ardisson with Baffie who is never far away, even with the jingles every two sentences, even with Balladur who asks us to stop. Guillaume Dustan is a moralist. ”  Constance Debre




Texte de Constance Debré

Première édition

15 X 23 cm

Couverture rigide

52 pages 

mai 2019

ISBN:  978-2-490740-01-7

Bio :

Johann Bouché-Pillon's prolific corpus is like an infinite self-portrait of palimpsest images, raw portraits, "Christian manga gore" scenes and fragments of urban life.  

Bouché-Pillon is a versatile artist, the man is to read between the lines and his poetry is reminiscent of that of a Bukowski. The self-taught artist confronts the complexities and limits of the medium and recontextualizes them in the face of the world. Read more

Works :
Vice, Dazed, Purple, Le Monde, Les Inrockuptibles, Pitchfork..

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