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A special edition is available   with two prints  baryte   signed and numbered of your choice in a canvas box.

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Print 1

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Print 2

EVE, the mountain and the maiden

Thomas Klotz

Prefaces by Sophie Letourneur and Bernard Plossu

First edition

20 x 28.5 cm

Hard cover

156 pages 

112 images

French - English

July 2021

ISBN: 978-2-490740-05-5

Standard Edition: 36 €

Special Edition: 100 €

Oscillating bbetween portraits and urban views, this book is a tale evoking both the fragility, the anxieties of a father bequeathed to his daughter and the difficulty of growing up in the world.  The book chronologically follows Eve evolving in over the years with his disturbing and intense gaze. These  enigmatic portraits are   intercepted by urban views  and landscapes with the seasons, gradually changing shade light without artifice.

The second work published by Eyd, EVE, the mountain and the young girl editions is a more narrative and personal work around his daughter Eve. ​

"You have to take your time. The work with Eve lasted 3 years, she was aged 9 and 12 during this period. I started with the little chick, with yellow fur, lost in the night and then I wanted it to end with the now strong and mature girl looking to the future." Thomas Klotz​


Thomas Klotz's first book Northscape published by Éditions Eyd in 2019 is an urgent and pictorialist pilgrimage to the north of France, an autobiographical vacation spot, when his father was dying.  here