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Une édition limitée à 50 exemplaires est accompagnée d’un tirage alu 17 x 24 cm numéroté et signé.


Il fera longtemps clair ce soir

Elise Toïdé

Text by Magali Aubert

First edition

17,5 X 24 cm

Soft core with flaps

108 pages 

74 images

French - English

February 2019

ISBN: 978-2-490740-02

Standard Edition: 22 €

Special Edition: 60 €

Equipped with her 24x36, Elise Toïdé captures moments apart with her discreet sensitivity, giving free rein to everyone's imagination to detect a feeling, a story or more broadly in the manner of the romantics by watching the evolution of the world. For her first book, Elise Toïdé chose the Parc des Guilands located between Montreuil and Bagnolet. Since 2013, the beginning of this series, the horizon has changed, nature has developed, building facades have been renovated while the view becomes denser.

" I am attracted by suspended moments, floating, the work of memory. The memory of places, of childhood, the imprint of memories, reinvented, subject to interpretation, such as dreams. I seek links between worlds visible and inner world. "Elise Toidé

Élise Toïdé is absorbed “in getting to know a territory little by little and capturing its ephemeral emotions, like a portrait”. This imprints his head-on shots with a “poetic naturalism”. Two words that François Mauriac used to describe the verses of Anna de Noailles, those “admirable cries of a pythia on a tripod” who, in 1901, tasted the shadows and watched for the carp in Parc Monceau. Monceau, Montreuil. A century and a decade. An east-west trip in Paris to bring together the dazzle of two women who retain the landscapes where they have their habits. And yet something is changed in life.