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Tonight will be clear for a long time

This texture is her 35mm film camera’s, with which she has been trying

to “devour” the Jean Moulin-Les Guilands park. She wanders, with one two film rolls in her bag to charge the camera. This Canon 500 was her first camera. She likes the fact that it is not precious. The sound of the vivid day fans out and vanishes, Elise captures fragments of it, intensifies a familiar place, estranging it from a daily routine. In this place where the beats of the city can be heard in the distance, she seeks an

incomplete representation that leaves room for the imagination to wander. She wants this place to be hers yet elusive. “The images must be traces, like ghosts. At first, I just see empty meaningless shapes then they progressively become lively. They begin to make sense, to belong to me as I return. As time passes, these shapes mingle, are transformed and distorted. By coming back regularly, I set up a repetition, I create a never-ending story, a perpetual renewal, pretty close to the renewal of a daily routine.

My search, my itinerary are different from one day to another, they are part of the process. The part they play is as important as the images themselves. I like to wander around, let things come, and see what happens.”

The horizon has changed since she began this series in 2013. The white facades of the towers located below the “Quartier de la Noue” have been renovated and now look ochre, behind this road so simple and so frequently followed.

Elise being a former student in architecture, lines play an important part in her work. However, although being very graphical, her work gives off some sort of fogginess, perhaps a reminiscence of her charcoal drawings.

Elise pours herself into progressively getting to know a territory, capturing its ephemeral emotions, as she would for a portrait. This confers her front shootings a poetic naturalism. Two words that were used by François Mauriac to describe Anna de Noailles’ lines, “those admirable yells of a Pythia on a tripod”.

In 1901, Anna de Noailles used to enjoy the shadows and watch for the carps in the Parc Monceau. Monceau, Montreuil, a century and a decade. A movement from the east to the west within Paris, which brings together two women who capture the familiar landscapes that dazzle them.  And yet something in life has changed.

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Text by Magali Aubert

First edition

17,5 X 24 cm

Soft core with flaps

108 pages 

74 images

French - English

February 2019

ISBN: 978-2-490740-02

Bio :

Les vagues is the first tome of the Trilogy initiated by Eyd and inspired by Elise Toîdé who pursues her intuition with this long-term project. By capturing this sensitive world filled with a feeling of inadequacy mixed with a certain strength of character, like the children and adolescents she likes to observe.

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