Eyd is a creative platform and a publishing house with artists whose work and approach Eyd wants to defend. 
By blending into the images of the artists, Eyd is able to offer any form of collaboration in different media and expressions. Orders, editorial and commercial iconographic research are planned in collaboration with clients and the Eyd team.

Eyd engages in collaborative projects involving publications,   limited edition photography books and multiple or single prints. Through self-produced exhibitions and publications, Eyd provides a platform for artists and curators to explore, create and initiate conversations.

Eyd represents, accompanies and nurtures emerging and established visual artists by working at the intersection between personal practice and commissioned projects. Eyd offers support, editorial production and multifaceted visibility to its artists in order to present a coherent visual language. 
Ilanit Illouz, Elise Toïdé and Johann Bouché-Pillon are the artists that Eyd accompanies in their approach in a permanent and faithful way, creating a zone of trust and emulation.


Since 2020, Eyd has been developing a creation of archives in order to renew itself, to collaborate with the world by anticipating and accompanying it. How to create from a traditional cultural tradition a new highly demanding editorial practice on image and meaning?
By cross-mixing all existing documents (audios, videos,
photographs, etc.) where our point of view and listening are centered on the essential meaning of the project and generate a second abundant, more inclusive approach. Establish a new editorial ecosystem where nothing is watertight, where the images, videos   and writings bear the mark of the spirit, the inspirations and the wills that animated them.
The multiple possibilities offered by these heterogeneous materials generate a complementary creative dynamic under playful and artistic aspects. ​
The interactivity of the mediums is optimized for each work published by the
Ed editions. The notions of collaboration, support as well as the passion that drives each protagonist are thus exposed and archived with In Extenso on a regular basis. To see  here .