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Ilanit Illouz looks to the ground like an archaeologist in order to examine the properties and the stigmata of places marked by history. This is what makes up the phusis or natural physics which becomes the artist's research base.  The four elements water, earth, fire and air and the exhaustion of themselves guide the artistic project.The visible or invisible trace becomes the narrative thread of Ilanit Illouz's work.

From her trip she brings back photographs and salt from the Dead Sea that she uses to reveal and cover her images in the manner of Niépce with bitumen from Judea as a photosensitive product for heliography.

These books are working documents for the artist that help her to form the corpu​

The book Wadi Qelt, dans la clarté des pierre brings together the corpus of images produced in the Judean desert and documents this specific and plastic long-term work called Les Dolines (2016-2021).  

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special edition also available. Here

Text written by Emilie Notéris

First edition

20 x 28,5 cm

Hard cover

156 pages 

112 images

French - English

July 2021

ISBN:  978-2-490740-05-5


 Beaux arts magazine

 France Fine Art

 Le Monde

Bio :

Ilanit Illouz's practice on the image is crossed by the question of the History apprehended by the off-screen or the ellipse. Her work develops photographic and mechanical reproduction processes that are sometimes unprecedented.

It is based on processes that respond to the repeated work of surveying, investigation, observation, which reveals as much as they erase, where memory is physically put to the test. Her reflections unfold in a plastic and formal language open to the interdisciplinary mediums. She is currently experimenting with new technical processes that work to degrade the image as much as to reveal it. By crossing these theoretical, geographical and plastic approaches, she suggests a reflection on social, political and economic history, on traces and disappearance. Read more

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